Solving your most impactful problems via BigData & AI.

We believe digital solutions shouldn’t be a locked black box with unlimited powers that only a privileged few can unlock.

We will teach you how to unlock the potential of digital. How to tailor it. Always working side by side.

What we offer?

The way we work is not an accident.

Assess & consult

Using a proven approach we together identify a case and architecture to deliver the highest impact.


Fast and agile prototyping allows us to demonstrate value within few weeks

Solution co-creation

We work side by side with you to create your solution, transferring our know how and enabling you to be independent in the future


Exeptional experience skills and attitude at your service.

We have has solved many crucial issues for some of the largest companies across seven different sectors; including telecom, finance, aviation, oil & gas, advertising, automotive, and the chemical industries. Each case resulting in substantial
ROI for the customer.

What we believe in?

Software enhances humans. And it’s not a line from a science-fiction film.

Becoming digital can be an opportunity – it automates laborious effort into efficient economic returns. But it also can be challenging as most products are simply unfriendly to those who must use them.

Join us

We are serious about who we enlist at Unit8.

It’s a special task force and the way we recruit is special too.

Are you with us?