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Unit8 helps financial and insurance companies use digital capabilities to gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly regulated space

Finance and insurance companies have long resisted change. They operate in highly regulated environments, so they prefer to stick with the status quo. They tend to view innovation as a luxury, not a necessity.

Where is your company’s data kept? Is it secure?
Is it easy to analyze? Does it meet industry regulations?

Times have changed. The reality is that companies face new threats like massive data breaches, large anti-money laundering (AML) fines, and rogue trading. In order to remain competitive and comply with new industry regulations, these companies are scrambling to replace outdated software and conduct audits of their vast data assets.

Companies that adapt successfully will enjoy a significant competitive advantage. Companies that fail to adapt will be unable to minimize their risk or maximize their profits. Not only they might lose market share, they are likely to face regulatory scrutiny.

Unit8 has successfully delivered trader supervision, market forecasting, and unified client view capabilities to market leaders in insurance and finance, protecting them from inside trading money laundering and regulatory fines. For a demo of our capabilities, schedule a meeting with us today.

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