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When factory operations aren’t monitored in real time, production issues aren’t discovered until it’s too late. Unit8 keeps manufacturers one step ahead.

Most factories are closely monitored, but it’s often the case that performance data isn’t analyzed until the end of the day. As a result, companies might not realize there’s an issue until the damage has already been done, whether it is in the form of manufacturing abnormalities or downstream complications. Some companies have sought to fix this by increasing the monitoring duties of their existing staff, but this approach is labor-intensive and unsustainable.

Unit8 has helped build central monitoring systems
for some of the world’s largest manufacturers.

These systems combine siloed data sources into a central platform that can be used to power dashboards, early warning systems, and other real-time reports.

When manufacturers can identify factory performance issues in advance, they can reduce waste and increase output. Most importantly, they can do more with their existing staff, which decreases the pressure to outsource tasks that are best handled in-house.

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