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Incorrect diagnoses lead to poor patient care. Unit8 has helped build predictive models that are accurate and automated, leading to better health outcomes in underserved areas

Recent advances in deep learning have enabled computers to ingest and synthesize massive quantities of data. This capability, combined with progress in image recognition and machine learning, suggests that AI-generated diagnoses are well on their way to becoming the standard in medicine.


The benefits of computer-generated diagnoses are many. For example, digital models can learn from millions of examples of X-rays and generate diagnoses instantly.

Humans, on the other hand, cannot possibly process this amount of information, and face constraints on time, energy, etc. In fact, many areas of the world lack the local experts needed to analyze medical tests.

The Unit8 team has worked with research organizations
to develop predictive models for diagnosis. These models
leverage the power of cloud computing and machine
learning to learn from previous diagnoses and perform
diagnoses with no human input.

While further research needs to be done in this area, we’ve published our research in the hope that medical professionals and researchers can build on our work.

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