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Pharmaceutical and chemical companies require absolute precision in their research, manufacturing, and distribution processes. See how Unit8’s capabilities help them streamline the product life cycle.

For pharmaceutical companies, it takes years to get from drug discovery to product launch. What’s more, clinical trials are costly and fail more often than they succeed. Leveraging molecular and real-world clinical data can help companies decide which assets to test, how to design clinical trials for targeted patient populations (e.g., adaptive trials), and how to bring drugs to market.

For chemical companies, minor changes in how products are formulated can have a major impact on the bottom line–especially when raw materials are in short supply. The best way to reformulate existing products isn’t through trial and error, but by giving chemists smart tools that automatically calculate trade-offs between the cost, availability, and effectiveness of different inputs. That way, companies can produce the same outputs for less.

In working with the world’s largest pharmaceutical and chemical companies, we’ve observed that they face many of the same issues. The root of these issues is the same–how can the companies use their existing data to optimize complex production processes?

At Unit8, we’ve found that the answer is to implement smart tools that enable companies to test their hypotheses virtually. These tools should automatically ingest data from all available sources, including external or online databases. The result? More powerful research, streamlined manufacturing, and better long-term planning.

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