Time series simply represent data points over time. They are thus everywhere in nature and in business: temperatures, heartbeats, births, population dynamics, internet traffic, stocks, inventories, sales, orders, factory production — you name it.

In countless cases, efficient processing and forecasting of time series has the potential to provide decisive advantages. It can help businesses adapt their strategies ahead of time (e.g. if production can be planned in advance), or improve their operations (e.g. by detecting anomalies in complex systems). Although there exist many models and tools for time series, they are still often nontrivial to work with, because they each have their own intricacies and cannot always be used in the same way.
At Unit8, we often work with time series and thus we started developing our own tool to make our lives simpler. We also decided to contribute to the community by open-sourcing it. In this article, we introduce Darts, our attempt at simplifying time series processing and forecasting in Python.

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